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LSIS’s PT & T Acquires ASTA-Accredited Laboratory License in the High Voltage Category for the First Time in Korea

  • Korea’s First Private-Sector Electric Power Testing & Technology Institute Accredited by World-Renowned ASTA
  • International Testing Institute for High- and Low-Voltage Products Secures International-Level Verification Capability and Reliability
  • Expects to Cut Time and Cost Required for Product Certification Procedure and to Boost Export Competitiveness

LSIS’s Power Testing & Technology Institute (PT&T), which is responsible for the excellent product quality of LSIS (Vice Chairman: Ja-Kyun Koo), acquired certification for its technology verification capabilities and reliability from a world-class certification institute for the first time in Korea.

On December 26, 2013, LSIS’s PT&T became the first company in the country’s electric equipment industry to acquire a license for unattended laboratory for high-voltage equipment and distribution panels from the Association of Short-circuit Testing Authorities (ASTA), England's world-class electric equipment certification institute.

ASTA is a world-class international certification institute established in England in 1938 in the electric equipment category. A unit of global certification institute Intertek Group with 120 years’ history, ASTA tests and certifies products according to the various specifications and criteria of many nations.

The certification acquired by LSIS’s PT&T proves that the latter’s product quality and performance certification capability has gained international recognition.

Through this certification, LSIS is qualified to conduct international certification testing not only in the existing low voltage category but also in the high-voltage electric category, thereby providing world-class testing service for its clients at home and abroad. As such, LSIS owns a world-class international testing institute in the electric equipment category.

Moreover, LSIS’s PT&T can have its evaluation of product performance certified as that by ASTA; thus reducing time and cost for such certification procedure and raising expectations of enhanced export competitiveness in Asia and Middle East where ASTA certification recognition is high.

To market products aggressively in North America, Europe, and other advanced markets as well as the Middle East and Asia, carrying out testing and certification through world-class certification institutes such as ASTA is essential. Generally, testing and certification through an external certification institute take a considerable period of time since an applicant has to go through the procedure of forwarding the product, undergoing performance evaluation, and obtaining the results. In contrast, the certification acquired this time will cut down such period by three months and the cost by KRW 1 billion.

“With clients increasingly demanding high-quality performance and reliability, it is important to certify technology performance and to secure certification capabilities. LSIS, with the backing of PT&T as the country’s premier international testing institute, will produce and certify high-quality products; thus boosting our market competiveness,” Researcher Yeong-Geun Kim at LSIS’s PT&T said. (2014.01.08)

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